2016-2017 General Fund Fee Information

2016-2017 Band General Fund Fee


As the year progresses, a lot goes into the events and management of the many Band Functions.  These functions and events are funded by the Band General Fund.  Every year we calculate the expected operating costs and divide those among all the band members.  


This year, the cost per student for the general fund is $160.00 (which includes the School Fee of $10).


You may pay your student’s general fund fee in full or divided into two payments.


  • Pay in Full ($150.00 + $4.79 Paypal Fee)
  • Pay in Full (includes Music Dept Fee) – ($160.00 + $5.09 Paypal Fee)


  • Installments
    • Pay first installment ($75.00 + $2.55 Paypal Fee) DUE 9/1
    • Pay second installment ($75.00 + $2.55 Paypal Fee) DUE 10/3



  • Installments (includes Music Dept Fee)
    • Pay first installment ($80.00 + $2.70 Paypal Fee) DUE 9/1
    • Pay second installment ($80.00 + $2.70 Paypal Fee) DUE 10/3


General Fund
Student Account

General Fund (including Music Dept Fee)
Student Account



Below is the current breakdown for this year’s General Fund:


JWHS Band Booster Association Budget 2015-16

ItemDescriptionBudget 2016-17Per Student
Band Camp MealsBand Camp snacks, drinks$100.00$0.99
Band Camp BanquetCost of Banquet(Paper Products, misc)$150.00$1.49
Band camp T-shirtsField show t-shirts and freshmen ball caps$1,300.00$12.87
Band Camp AwardsCost of awards$400.00$3.96
Drum Major CampFee for Jr and Sr drum major camp$1,740.00$17.23
Equipment and PropsProps and Equipment that is needed for Field Shows$1,000.00$9.90
Foot Ball PassesFoot Ball Passes$125.00$1.24
GuardSupport color guard$50.00$0.50
MealsFootball game dinners$800.00$7.92
Uniform FundAnnual deposit for uniform fund$1,000.00$9.90
Fuel and TollsFuel and tolls for equipment truck$750.00$7.43
InsuranceVehicle insurance and liability insurance$900.00$8.91
Uniform ExpensesReplace worn tuxes, gowns, cleaning/repairs$500.00$4.95
PostageNewsletter postage$50.00$0.50
Bank ChargesSoftware fees, Check order, returned check fees$800.00$7.92
Office SuppliesFor newsletters, meetings, etc$100.00$0.99
WebsiteJWHS Band website hosting fee$265.00$2.62
USBands ParticipationMember fee, tickets, etc.$3,300.00$32.67
End of year banquetDinner and decorations for banquet$200.00$1.98
End of year awardsAward costs$1,500.00$14.85
JWHS Band FeeSchool Band Fee$1,010.00$10.00