Attention Marching Band And Color Guard Parents

There have been several changes to the band trip scheduled for March 23rd – 29th, 2022 that we want to keep you up-to-date on as we continue to move forward.

Bad News:

Disney activities have proven to be more difficult than anticipated. Disney reduced its Music Festival staff from 40 staff members to 2 staff members. Because Disney reduced staff, they also reduced the number of events for the festival. With the number of events reduced, we were not able to get approval for the Disney Trip.

Good News:

Universal Studios also has a Music Festival with all the events we were expecting from Disney, so we changed focus and worked on putting together a trip to Universal Studios instead of Disney. The band has attended Universal Studios in the past and had a great time.

Here is a list of the potential events we will be attending:

1. Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Theme Park (On Stage Clinic)

2. STARS Parade (Band and Color Guard)

3. STARS Workshop (Dance and Band)

4. STARS Workshop (Band)

The Band Booster Board worked to find a comparable trip plan that still gets the band to Florida. If money is allowable, we will work to spend the last day in Florida at Disney.

Next Steps:

We understand that everyone has their requirements and concerns. However, because of the change outlined in this email, we are allowing the following:

1. Cancel your student’s involvement in the Florida Trip without penalty by 12/6/2021. If you decide that your student will not be going on the trip, all monies collected so far for your student will be returned up until 12/6/2021.

2. We are moving the due dates for the upcoming payments back two weeks each.

a. 11/19/2021payment moved back to 12/3/2021–Amount Due $500

b. 12/15/2021 payment moved back to 1/5/2022 – Amount Due $500

c. 1/15/2022 payment moved back to 2/4/2022 – Amount Due $250

The next band meeting is Monday, December 6th at 7:00 pm. We are still collecting additional information from Universal Studios and will provide this information at the meeting.

Monte Morgan