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Letter: The band sang!

May 29, 2019

I had the happy experience last Thursday evening of attending a concert presented by the Frederick County Middle School Band and the James Wood High School Band. It was a joy to share in the talent, the enthusiasm, the spirit, and the discipline of the students who performed for us. They filled me with excitement and hope for the next generation!

I was especially moved by the James Wood High School Symphonic Band’s powerful performance of “God of Our Fathers.”. And they did something I had never heard a band do before. They sang! The band sang! And it was beautiful! Judging from the response of the audience, many of us felt blessed or inspired by the students’ performance, whatever our personal religious faith or political opinions might be.

Thank you, James Wood High School Symphonic Band. Thank you, Mr. Rutherford. And thank you, Ms. Hofmann, for helping the students get started on their musical journey.

Peter Ford, Frederick County

Tammy Haire
Tammy Haire

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