JWHS Band News February 2021

JWHS Band News February 2021   

All State Band Auditions

Congratulations to Jax Bell, Rebekah Clouse, Henry Pool, and William Swatman for receiving invitations to audition for the All-Virginia Band and Orchestra.  The auditions will take place during the weekend of February 26 – March 1.  Good Luck to All!


Coming Events and Activities

As we move into the new semester and the second half of the school year, there are some activities planned that I hope will make their way into reality for the band and color guard.  

Marching Band

As of now MARCHING BAND is scheduled to begin the week of March 1, 2021.  All full practices will be held after school on TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY from after school until 5 PM.  All marching band activities will be help outdoors so all rehearsals are subject to the weather allowing us to practice.  Extreme cold, rain or snow/ice will be major problems that we will need to avoid.  We have two potential football games that we could be a part of this Spring.  Provided the number of participants allows us to participate we will perform for the Home FB games on Friday, April 2, and Thursday, April 22, here are JWHS.  We will not travel to Millbrook or Sherando for the away contests. I am also hoping to have a final performance for band parents only where I can do a Senior Recognition and a show presentation for all of the band family.  More details to come on all of the marching band activity.

Spring Activities

Many of the end of year activities we hold are paused for the moment to see what we are allowed to do for performances and banquets.  Mrs .Legge Mauck and I will be meeting with JWHS Administration to discuss possibilities for end of year performances and events and I will pass along all information as soon as decisions are made.  It is our intent to perform this Spring…somehow, somewhere…be it indoors or outdoors.  I have given an outdoor concert here at JWHS in the past, many years ago and am thinking very seriously about that possibility for this Spring.  I really want to bring all of the students together to make music again.  I know they feel very much the same.  Keeping a positive mindset as we look into the possibilities.  More details to come.