JWHS Band Boosters Scholarships for Graduating Seniors

Every year, the James Wood HS Band Boosters awards Scholarships to help with the cost of a College education to our well qualified Senior Class members.  Awarded amounts vary by year and by recipient.  Our Band members dedicate a lot of time and energy to the program and it is one way of saying thank you.

Many of our Band Members have gone on to pursue careers in music and the arts.  Some have even gone on to become Music Teachers and Band Directors.  Not only do our scholarships help defray some of the cost of higher education, combined with the experiences in band the students are encouraged to continue to play an important role in the prolication of the arts in our communities and our schools.

Sources of Funds

Scholarship funds sources include fundraisers and donations.  And since the James Wood Band Boosters association is a 501(c)(3) Organization, all donations are tax deductible.

If you’d like to donate, click below or please contact us.

Qualifications & Requirements

In order to qualify for the James Wood HS Band Boosters Scholarship, our Seniors must meet certain academic criteria.  all applicants must be in good financial standing with the booster organization. There must be no outstanding balances of either general fund fees or trip fees during the their tenure with the band.. Additionally, the following are factors in the scholarship award process:

  • Academics (GPA & Class Rank)
  • Held Band Leadership Positions
  • Number of Years in Band
  • Participation in Music / Guard Performances
  • Participation in Judged Events
  • Participation in Band Booster Events
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal essay depicting a memorable moment in their time with the Band (250+ words)
  • Letter to Incoming Freshman Class (Best thing about being a part of the”Colonel’s Pride” …) (100+ words)

Scholarship Committee

The awards are given to the Seniors based on a point system which is evaluated by the volunteers of the Scholarship Committee.  This committee is uniquely made up every year and includes band parent, members of the community and other volunteers.  Current Senior Student parents and their families are not eligible to take part in the Scholarship Committee.


To start the application process, eligible Senior Band Members will receive an invitation to apply with a link to the application.  Once the completed application packet is received, it is submitted to the Scholarship Committee for evaluation.  The results and awards are then announced at the Annual Awards Banquet at the end of the school year.


Scholarships are paid out in two payments after verification of enrollment. The initial payment is normally made in August or September and the second payment is normally made in December or January. Payments must be made within the first year after graduation from James Wood High School.


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