Letter from our band president

Hello Everyone!


We’re kicking off a fully digital fundraiser with Snap! Raise, the nation’s leading fundraising platform for groups, clubs, and teams. For the past five years, Snap! Raise has helped more than 35,000 groups in the U.S. raise more than $400M in funding! I’m excited to get started and have one vital request.


I ask that you identify at least 20 people that we can reach out to via Snap! Raise, and gather these email addresses before our campaign starts on March 23rd.


The list of 20 people should include many of your biggest fans and needs to be completed in full to ensure our campaign is successful.


Here are your next steps:

· Ask your parents for at least 20 potential supporters

· Enter their names and correct email into the NOTES feature on Snap!Raise

· Avoid using emails of teachers, peers of your students, or strangers.

· Here is the link to get you set up http://www.snap-raise.com/join_code/312444798 This is a unique invite link for you to set up an account on Snap! Raise.

· Additionally, here is a video so you can easily navigate the setup process in Snap! Raise https://tinyurl.com/4t2msywd.

Here are some examples of people you should consider adding at a minimum.


· Parent(s)/Guardian # 1

· Parent(s)/Guardian #2

· Grandma

· Grandpa

· Cousin(s)

· Uncle(s)

· Auntie(s)

· Family doctor

· Orthodontist/dentist

· Church/Social Leader


· Scout/Troop Leader

· Family Friend #1

· Family friend #2

· Former coach

· School alumni

· Local business that knows you

· Neighbor(s)

· Parent co-workers(s)

· Friend of parent

· Adult sibling(s)