Marching Band Letter

Hello Band Families! I’m excited to say that we have received clearance for our spring marching band season! After a year of big challenges, I can’t wait to get out on the field again with the students. While it will not completely resemble a typical marching band season, the goals are still the same: develop music and marching skills, build leadership and camaraderie, and have a great time. Although there are still a few unanswered questions for the season, we have enough pieces in place to get started. I’ll address some of the key things below. As more information becomes available, I’ll share it with everyone. Here we go! Schedule: Rehearsals will take place on Thursday, March 4 and 11, then on Tuesday and Thursday, starting March 16th. The season will tentatively last through April . Rehearsal times will be from 3:00-5:00pm. Below are report times based on attendance at school. Students attending rehearsal following in-person school attendance will report to the band room after school. Students attending rehearsal that were not at school for the day will enter JWHS through the front doors and will proceed to the band room after their temperature check. ALL STUDENTS WILL SIGN IN BEFORE EACH REHEARSAL IN THE BAND ROOM BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN THE REHEARSAL EACH DAY. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. Pre-Screening: All students will go through our pre-screening prior to participation in marching band rehearsal. The temperature check will be done as the student enters the building and symptoms check will be done at SIGN IN in the band room area. For the symptoms check, students will sign in and confirm their symptom status before they are permitted to attend rehearsal for the day. Any student that does not pass the screening will be sent home. Students are strongly encouraged to have their cell phone with them in case they develop symptoms or don’t pass the screening. Safety Expectations: Safety protocols and expectations are stated on the Return to Activity plan for spring marching band (attached with this letter). What to Expect: This season, we will be working on skills geared towards bridging the gap between our last season (2019) and our next season (2021). Students will be working on marching and playing skills, while putting a brief show onto the field. While the pressure of competitions doesn’t exist, we will still be working towards creating a quality product. Therefore, I do ask that students commit to participating to the fullest extent. As with our normal fall seasons, I ask students to avoid scheduling tasks and events on top of our weekly rehearsals. If an absence has to occur, please communicate with me ahead of time. Absences due to COVID exposure/quarantine may occur and those will be dealt with as they happen. If you miss classes, I ask that you do not attend rehearsal that day. Safety is a top priority throughout the season. Performances: At this time, our only planned performance will be at the end for our parents (I’ll announce the plans for this in the coming weeks). However, that could very well change by the time our football games get underway in April. If capacity limits at games changes (this is in compliance with regulations set by the state government), then we may have the opportunity to attend and perform at the two home games JWHS will host. If/When that changes, I will notify everyone as soon as possible. I realize that this is a lot of information all at once. This will be a very flexible season and require a little bit of patience as we navigate it. I can’t wait to get started in a few weeks! As questions arise, please contact me at Sincerely, Mr. Rutherford