JWHS Band Camp


Band Camp is the foundation of marching season.  Your ability to enjoy the musical aspects of Band Camp will depend on your “musical shape” when you come to camp.  You must prepare yourself physically and mentally for Band Camp.  Marching is a very demanding physical activity and your success and ability to enjoy this part of camp depends on your pre-camp physical condition.


Prepare yourself by exercising, getting plenty of rest, eating well, and drinking plenty of water before and during band camp.  You are athletes in training, so you need to treat your body to proper nutrition, sleep, and hydration especially during the intense training at band camp.  If your body is starved of these important things, your performance will suffer and you may experience problems such as heat exhaustion and dehydration.


Start drinking fluids days before band camp.  Water, fruit juice, or Gatorade type drinks are good choices.  During camp you will have frequent water breaks.  You must drink during these brief breaks.  You may also carry your own water bottle.


Dehydration & Heat Exhaustion:
These are serious conditions and may be prevented.  Dehydration means your body does not have the fluid it needs to maintain normal bodily functions.  Early symptoms are dry mouth, headache, light-headedness; thirst may or may not be present.


Heat Exhaustion is also serious and means your body is overheating and cannot cool itself properly.  Symptoms include increase in body temperature, absence of perspiration, nausea, fainting, weakness, and probably thirst.


Marching while playing an instrument takes endurance.  Your body needs to be in good cardiovascular shape.  Get in condition NOW, prior to starting band camp.  Walking, swimming, biking, and hiking are good ways to increase your heart rate.  Before Band Camp, start getting conditioned to working out in the heat.  Living in air-conditioned comfort all summer then stepping out into the August sun for Band Camp is a tough adjustment.


You must eat breakfast before coming to camp each morning.  Your body will need the calories.  Avoid eating salty foods.  Eat a variety of foods to provide a well-balanced diet.  You will need to bring a nutritious lunch each day and snacks will be provided.


You will also have a much better experience if you get your rest at night.  Get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night during Band Camp.  Expect to come home and crash … you will be TIRED!



  • Wear comfortable clothing – light in color and loose fitting
  • Athletic shoes and socks are required!  NO sandals or flip flops!
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Wear sunscreen and reapply as needed


Your attitude is EVERYTHING!!  You completely control how your experience is going to be in the way you approach band, how well you prepare for camp, and your behavior.  Expect to work hard, learn, and have a GREAT time!


Remember, YOU are the COLONEL’S PRIDE!